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Ensuring Shari’ah compliant aspect is imperative for Islamic financial institutions (IFIs) to main-tain the confidence level of stakeholders and public at large. Inadequate attention to the whole process of Shariah compliant aspect will trigger negative repercussion to IFIs, such as massive withdrawal and financial loss. Any income derived from Shariah non-compliant incidents cannot be recognized as IFI profit. Hence, understanding Shariah non-compliant risk management is essential to ensure Shariah compliant aspect in place. The 2 days course is designed to provide the participants with a comprehensive and practical understanding on man-aging Shariah non-compliant risk in IFIs.


After completing this session, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the significance of Shariah compliance and Shariah governance in IFIs
  • Understand the key Shari’ah non-compliant risk areas in IFIs
  • Understand the process of Shari’ah non-compliant event reporting
  • Apply the rectification plan for Shariah non-compliant events.
  • Manage the income resulting from Shari’ah non-compliant events
  • Mitigate the occurrence of Shariah non-compliant risk events.

Course Outline

  • Shari’ah Principles and Philosophy in Islamic Finance
  • General Framework for Risk Management in Islamic Finance
  • Framework of Managing Shariah Non-compliance Risk
  • Key Risk Area in Islamic Banks
  • Retail Consumer Financing
  • Corporate/Business Banking
  • Deposit and investment
  • Managing Shari’ah Non-Compliant Risk
  • Reporting Shariah Non-Compliant Events
  • Dealing with Shari’ah Non-Compliant Events
  • Income Purification Mechanism for Shari’ah-Non Compliant Events
  • Issues in Shari’ah Non-Compliant Risk Management


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