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Research shows that employees need different levels of direction and support depending on their level of competence and commitment.
The problem is that most managers have only one  leadership style that they apply to everyone, in every situationSituational Leadership II (SL11) is theworld’smost taught leadership
model for developing employees and delegating appropriately. It is alanguage and strategy for providing the right amount of direction and support to improve performance, productivity and accountability.


1. Use SLII to achieve greater
productivity by infusing energy, selfreliance
and drive within their

2. Increase their effectiveness in
setting goals, providing clear
direction, listening, observing,
monitoring and giving feedback

3. Engage in critical thinking process
for analysing, diagnosing and acting
according to the situation

4. Improve communication and
become a more trusted and credible



Thomas Lai, a certified EQ and Process Communication Model trainer with 6 Seconds Network and Kahler Communication, USA
respectively, has an MBA in TQM. He has designed and facilitated courses anchored on Customer Engagement, Transactional Analysis,
EQ, Lie and Deception, Motivational Interviewing and Process Communication Model. Thomas has more than 25 years’ experience
having trained employees from 20 different industries from Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia. He has designed engagement
surveys,mystery shopping and call audits and conducted leadership
courses, including coaching and mentoring.

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