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Programme Overview

The Strategic Management Series (SMS) consists of mini programmes to better provide participants the opportunity to be more involved in the process of strategic planning and be able to implement what they have
learned in each of the programme.

Strategic management is the systematic planning, management, and use of available resources to ensure a business or organisation achieves its goals. It is made up of two parts: developing a strategic plan and implementing a strategic plan.

Workshops included in the Strategic Management Series are:

  • Strategic Management Framework
  • Crafting a plan that works!
  • Aligning Organisational Management to Strategy

In SMS: Strategic Management Framework, participants will explore the strategic management framework and acquire a clear understanding of the concepts of systems thinking, foresight and strategic planning.

Programme Objectives

  • Understand the different phases of Strategic Management and the key components of a strategic plan; and
  • Understand the success of a strategic plan requires careful planning, execution and monitoring while the success of an organisation depends on its top vision to be strategically aligned and cascaded down throughout the organization hierarchy.

Who is this Programme for?

This programme is suitable for middle to senior management officers who will be directly or indirectly involved in the development, implementation and monitoring of strategic plans at their organisation.


Face-to-face training

Supported with case examples, group exercises and feedback evaluation.

Programme Outline

Module 1: Different Phases of Strategic Management
Module 2: Key Components of a Strategic Plan

Programme Delivery

Date Time
31 July 2023  8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Your Investment

Programme Stakeholder Non-stakeholder
Fee $450.00 $550.00


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