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Succession Planning


Succession Planning protects the business by identifying business-critical functions and building a talent pipeline that ensures business continues to operate with minimum disruption under variety of people-related to scenarios – e.g. ageing workforce, employee turnover, talent planning to support business growth & expansion and unexpected workforce changes. It is unfortunate that succession planning is often seen as a purely HR initiative when it should be part of an organization’s business strategy in view of critical nature of its outcomes. This workshop will help participants see succession planning as not just a HR program, but as a strategic business initiative that is a critical for business succession in the short, mid- and long term.

Programme Objectives

The objectives of this 2-day work are:

Business Outcome

Participants learn an initiative to protect business continuity from both planned and unplanned people-related scenarios.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Participants will learn a business-driven succession planning model versus a traditional HR-driven succession planning model
  2. Participants will learn about ecosystems needed to support a sustainable succession planning initiative.
  3. Participants will have opportunities to practice and apply the concepts to their actual work situations

Programme Outline

Day 1

  1. The birth and evolution of succession planning
  2. The truth of succession planning – Hits, Misses and Pitfalls
  3. Drivers of succession planning – Understanding the rationale behind the initiative
  4. Needs-based succession planning-Techniques to identify focus areas
  5. Organization Gaps and Risk Analysis

Day 2

6. Planning for the Successor

-Make or Buy?

  1. 7 . Techniques to build the Succession Plan
  2.          – Identifying the high potential
  3.          – Creating the talent pool
  4.          – Talent Development
  5. 8. Skills for successful succession planning
  6.         – Stakeholder Management
  7.         – Business acumen
  8.         – Branding and communication
  9. 9. Sustaining the succession plan

Experts’ Profile

Kwok Hoe Choy is a seasoned L&D, OD and Talent Management practitioner with a track record of achievement across a broad spectrum of practices – covering training facilitation, sale force effectiveness, organization HR Planning, talent management, leadership development, succession planning, employee engagement, instructional design, and feedback & coaching for senior business leaders. He is highly adaptable and agile, having successfully transitioned from manufacturing roles in automotive, medical and electronics into impactful Asia L&OD leadership roles across electronics, technology, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. HC is also comfortable engaging multiple organization levels, from facilitating classes in English, Chinese, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia from sales & operations employees to feedback and coaching for Vice-Presidents, Regional Directors and General Managers. In his last held corporate role, HC was a member of Abbott Laboratories’ Global L&D  Leadership team.


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