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Succession Planning


Leadership identification is one of the key issues facing leaders around the globe. Ensuring the sustainability of the company is essential. Having the right leadership in place will make that happen. Yet most leaders have not through the succession planning process beyond their immediate replacement needs of today, the short term. Success for firms in the next decade will likely be determined by how well they manage to balance the economical realities with the need to invest in their current human capital. Traditional replacement tactics will not suffice in the struggle ahead. Human capital is an asset that continues to be the pillar of continuity and long-term success for companies.

Success of a company is measured not by the success of the founder but the legacy they leave for the following generations of employees. Getting the sucession right is the key issue of organisation both new and established.

Programme Outline

  • Sucession planning as a business tool, why succession planning makes sense in general and specifically for your organisation
  • Making sense of succession planning; what are the basic choices you have to make, to make sucession planning work within your organisations` business strategy and culture
  • Build a working framework on which an effective sucession planning system can be designed to meet the unique needs of an organisation
  • Construct a framework for developing high-potential identification and development strategies and programmes
  • Understand the difference between competent and capable
  • Build your knowledge of the importance of the behaviours that define your values and the competencies that determine success
  • Understand that sucession planning is the culmination of a well define your values and the competencies that determine success
  • Understand the succession planning is the culmination of a well define and structured talent management process
  • Know the importanceof workforce planning as a foundation for succession planning
  • Set your own roadmap for effective execution of succession planning
  • Know the differences and effectiveness of different individual assessment approaches

Expert’s Profile

Dr David S Cohen is considered a global thought leader in the area of talent management. He has been engaged in helping organisations in the recruitment and selection process for over 25 years. Dr Cohen is a master teacher who engages participants in a fast paced and thought provoking workshop that enables successful transfer of the learning to the workplace. He has taught this programme to 1,000s of participants worldwide. Dr Cohen is an adjunct professor at the Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His book The Talent Edge is a best seller on the topic of behavioral interviewing.

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