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Super teams are the result of excellent supervisory management. An effective supervisor leads his team by understanding his team members; create a culture to drive team success by fostering trust and commitment.
The 2 days programme gives you the knowledge and skills to improve team communications and drive team performance for the organisation.



Participants will be able to:
Learn team communication by evaluating and identifying gaps and barriers
Implement consistent and effective communication strategies and mechanisms within the organisation
Assess a negotiation situation with team members
Develop strategies and conduct negotiations to achieve organisational goals and winwin outcomes
Develop confidence and control in team’s communication




Michael Leehas successfully conducted a wide range of programmes with his previous work experience includes being a training manager for two
banks and two multinational electronics companies. He is a ‘master motivator’, a stimulating and entertaining speaker, trainer andpresenterwith great take-home value. Audiences find him thought-provoking, inspirational, witty and fun; business clients describe him as having a passion for win-win thinking and friends testify to his ability to pluck humour and a life lesson out of any situation.

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