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Takaful and Re-Takaful Contracts


Realising the Takaful industry has a major potential to be developed and enhanced, CIBFM is proud to present this 2 days workshop on Takaful (Islamic Insurance) specially designed to enhance on Knowledge of Takaful from Shariah principles, highlight current issues as well  as updates the development of Takaful Products and practices in Global Market. With the ?Enhance Understanding and Achieve Growth through Lucrative Takaful Business?, CIBFM will bring to the participants a distinguished panel of speakers who are widely recognised in their  respective areas as Shariah and Takaful experts. They will provide delegates an opportunity to discuss and explore the issues related to Takaful, Retakaful and Islamic Bankatakaful in global market.


  • Acquire the knowledge of Shariah principles in Takaful operations.
  • Discover the legal and regulatory issues in Takaful services.
  • Understanding the principles, models and structures of Takaful and Retakaful
  • Acquire the knowledge of technical and accounting treatment in Takaful industry.
  • Identify the disclosure of bases for determining and allocation surplus and deficit in Takaful operations.
  • Review what are the issues and challenges of strategic marketing of Takaful products and services.

Program Outline

  • Shariah Principles in Takaful
  • Essential Islamic Commercial Contract in Takaful Business
  • General Takaful Products: Models and Operational Issues
  • Products on General Takaful
  • Business Operations of General Takaful
  • Review of The Model @ Structure
  • Family Takaful Products
  • Flow of Family Takaful Operations
  • Group and Individual Family Takaful
  • Review of The Model @ Structure
  • Islamic Bancassurance
  • Legal & Regulatory Framework in Takaful Activities
  • Accounting , Reporting & Governance of Takaful Activities
  • Technical Aspects of Takaful Business Operations
  • Retakaful Vs. Reinsurance: Operations Issues and Strategies
  • Takaful Funds and Islamic investment: Strategies and Prospects

Who Should Attend

  • Manager
  • Officers

The Expert

Azman Ismail has spoken and presented papers in seventeen countries on various topics. He has written six books and translated four books into the English language. He is a member , Board of Studies at the Institution of Islamic Banking and Finance and a part time lecturer at Malaysian Insurance Institution since 1997. He is a Shariah adviser to several insurers/takaful operations.

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