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Takaful/Insurance Regulations, Guidelines


Participants will be introduced to the international guidelines on insurance and takaful issued by regulators who are members of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors. These guidelines are important benchmarks established by regulators to properly govern the insurance/takaful industry so that it is resilient and sustainable. The selected guidelines include the Insurance Core Principles, corporate governance, capital adequacy, financial reporting, risk management and prudential limits as well as Anti Money Laundering and Counter Financing Terrorism.


Understanding the Insurance Core Principles
Explain the important guidelines that the industry must follow
Construct an internal Standard Operating Procedures based on these guidelines

Program Outline

The Insurance Core Principles
Guidelines on Corporate Governance
Guidelines on Capital Adequacy and Solvency
Guidelines on Financial Reporting
Guidelines on Risk Management and Prudential Limits
Guidelines on Anti Money Laundering and Counter Financing Terrorism

Who Should Attend

Executives and Managers in the insurance/takaful industry
Insurance and other professionals
Potential takaful agents/brokers
Researchers and lecturers

The Expert

Azman Ismail has spoken and presented papers in seventeen countries on various topics. He has written six books and translated four books into the English language. He is a Member , Board of Studies at the Institution of Islamic Banking and Finance and a part time lecturer at Malaysian Insurance Institution since 1997. He is a Shariah adviser to several insurers/takaful operators and an international bank.

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