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Talent Acquisition, Management and Planning


This programme focuses on 3 pillars of human capital development pivotal for any corporation to thrive in a globalized world where talent is scarce and very mobile. This programme gives mid and senior level managers best practices tool from brand name global firms such as Google to implement to within their organization in these areas: recruitment, talent development and succession planning.


  • Develop Talent Acquisition strategies that allow you to attract the best talent in the market through print ads and social media by using the latest HR recruitment and talent marketing best practices used by companies like Google and Facebook.
  • Create Talent Management processes in your organization to drive better employee engagement and personal career development for each member of the organization
  • Build Succession Planning frameworks that drive talent retention, identify leaders and nurture their potential to help drive future growth for your organization.


  • Develop low cost, “sticky” strategies to attract and retain top talent
  • Create high morale, high productive corporate culture
  • Tailor a retention strategy specific to your organizational needs
  • Systematically track your turnover rates and learn from it to create effective retention strategies
  • Using employer branding to enrich employee commitment and engagement

Programme Outline

Talent Management

  • Module 1: Develop a Talent Management Strategy
  • Module 2: Implement Talent Management Programme
  • Module 3: Determine organizational talent capability
  • Module 4: Facilitate the use of Talent Management tools and process

Talent Acquisition

  • Module 1: The internal recruitment team
  • Module 2: Employer branding
  • Module 3: Measurement

Succession Planning

  • Module 1: Strategic Agenda
  • Module 2: Define Competency Model
  • Module 3:Performance and Potential Assessment
  • Module 4: Gap Analysis
  • Module 5: Measure & Evaluate Result
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