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Ideas are currency of the 21st century knowledge economy. If you are looking to structure your ideas so that you can speak confidently, persuasively and memorably, this two-day workshop shows you 10 plans to do so !

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, the participants are expected to be able to:

  • Learn how to answer questions on the spot
  • Learn how to explain complex ideas clearly
  • Gain insights on how to be more persuasive
  • Develop skills to get to the point quickly and be remembered Apply the criteria of CLARITY. BREVITY. IMPACT®


Use the best communication strategy for each situation Focus a topic into bite-sized chunks for easy retention Present ideas clearly, concisely, and memorably

Programme Outline

Think on Your Feet® gives you the skills to present, defend and discuss a position persuasively and quickly. It introduces 10 structures to help you quickly organize your ideas– even ( and especially) under pressure. You will have the opportunity in this skill-based workshop apply such structures when you use 3 simple communication strategies:

  • Informative– pacakaging information logically and succinctly
  • Assertive– positioning arguments to persuade your audience
  • Visual– appealing to your audience with images and analogies

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to present or speak confidently, persuasively and be remembered whether in formal or informal situations.

Our Expert

(A business associate of takechargeAsia)
Lai Kit currently leads the key talent and development space within the Learning and Development unit for a reputable international professional services organization. Based in Kuala Lumpur, she works closely with the organization’s top leadership to align, develop and manage its key talents as part of its succession planning. This mandate came in light of her engaging nature and cumulative experiences in providing executive coaching and development inputs for the organization’s key talents within its global network. Notably, by working closely with the top leadership, the attrition rate of the organization’s key talents over the past 36 months were negligible.

Areas of Expertise

Lai Kit’s areas of focus are executive coaching/ coaching (key talents), leadership-cum-management / business skills training and performance consulting services. A believer in continuous development, she is pursuing an executive coaching certification approved by the International Coach Federation.

She has worked on significant internal and external development projects which include:

  • Conducting one-to-one executive coaching with senior level talents (Director / Senior Managers) in the organization’s regional/ global network
  • Designing and/or delivering programmes on leadership, management/ business skills, building client relationship skills, business development skills,

    networking skills, and role-plays-cum-360degree-feedback loops for its senior manager development centre.

  • Co-facilitating business planning brainstorming and focus group sessions Core Training Programmes
    Her core training programmes include:
  • In-house executive coach for its local, regional and global key talent/ leadership programme which includes interpretation and debriefing of participants’ personal reports such as 360-degree feedback
  • Client service excellence
  • Accredited instructor for Think on Your Feet® ( www.thinkonyourfeet.com )
  • Accredited instructor for Writing Dynamics TM
  • Certificate In English Language Teaching to Adults (‘CELTA”) awarded by University of Cambridge, United Kingdom ( www.cambridgeesol.org)

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