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With the challenges of a growing economy, it is easy
for us to lose focus on what really matters. We get so
tied up in ‘doing the doing’ you don’t see what needs
to change – or you don’t have have time or energy
left to change it! this workshop equip learners with
skills to move from passivity to proactivity, from
development to performance.


  • Recognize attitudes, personal strengths and
    weaknesses in how they manage their time.
  • Better organize themselves and their workspace for
    better efficiency.
  •  Take control of their time and make improvements to
    their work habits.
  •  Identify time bandits, assess priorities, and handle time
    related stress
  •  Improve people skill to support their administrative


Thomas Lai, a certified EQ and Process Communication Model trainer with 6 Seconds Network and Kahler Communication, USA
respectively, has an MBA in TQM. He has designed and facilitated courses anchored o nCustomer Engagement, Transactional
Analysis, EQ, Lie and Deception, Motivational Interviewing and Process Communication Model. Thomas has more than 25 years’
experience having trained employees from 20 different industries from Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia.
Noor-Jamilah Bte Ramli, a clay floral designer,trainer cum entrepreneur, has more than 15 years administrative and secretarial
experience gained from the retail, semi conductor and education at Science Centre Singapore (SCS). At SCS, she was a PA to
the Deputy Chief Executive of Education program cum training administrator and workforce welfare.

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