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COMCEC Virtual Training & Workshop

Virtual Training – Shariah and Legal Framework on Sukuk

Programme Overview

The training aims to educate potential Sukuk issuers and other relevant stakeholders on the fundamentals of Sukuk, Syariah and the legal framework of Sukuk It also provides comprehensive and practical knowledge on Syariah and Legal Framework on Sukuk.

The programme will be covering in detail all major aspects of Syariah and legal issues in Sukuk The trainers are widely recognized in their respective areas.

Programme Outcomes

By the end of this programme participants will be able to:

  • Describe the distinctive characteristics of Sukuk;
  • Explain the Syariah and regulatory framework applicable to Sukuk market;
  • Examine the various types and structures of Sukuk and their underlying contracts;
  • Analyse the different Sukuk Structures;
  • Assess the pricing of Sukuk; and
  • Formulate legal documentation for Sukuk


Virtual Workshop – Responsible and Sustainable Financing through Issuance of Sukuk

Programme Overview

The workshop aims to facilitate discussions and hands-on practices on responsible and sustainable financing through the issuance of Sukuk. These capacity-building programmes will be delivered by renowned and expert speakers in their respective fields of Islamic finance.

Programme Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify investor demand for green Sukuk;
  • Examine trading analysis post-distribution;
  • Assess the pricing of green Sukuk;
  • Design a green Sukuk framework;
  • Evaluate various underlying structures of green Sukuk;
  • Assess the compliance of green Sukuk; and
  • Formulate legal documentation for green Sukuk


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