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Transformational Leadership

Programme Overview

In today’s fiercely competitive and constantly evolving marketplace, the success of organisations hinges profoundly on their agility in swiftly embracing change. This extends to the velocity at which strategic initiatives are disseminated and implemented. The transformational shift is moving away from merely achieving objectives through compliance and, instead, towards attaining exceptional outcomes through unwavering commitment.

This workshop is specifically designed to address the critical adjustments that leaders must undertake to effectively inspire their workforce, fostering a deep commitment that, in turn, yields tangible enhancements in morale, performance, and ultimately, profitability.

Programme Objectives

By the end of this programme, you will be able to:

  • Assume the adaptable mindset of transformational leaders, embracing change in order to succeed in dynamic
  • Understand that leadership is influence, how the 5 levels of leadership works, and their level;
  • Assess the level of connection they have with their subordinates and apply the principles for building trust with them;
  • Apply the principles of managing performance for results, and keeping the team motivated in challenging times; and Gain commitment through their application of coaching and developing their subordinates.

Who Should Attend

  •  Team leaders
  • New manager
  • Senior manager
  • Future leaders
  • Senior management team member (HOD and above)
  • Anyone interested in taking on leadership roles



Your Investment

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