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#UP Coaching Manager

Programme Overview

Competent managers should possess the capacity to develop various personalities, profiles, and motivation of their team members. Additionally, functional leaders facing
constant demands at critical junctures need strong leadership and coaching skills in order to guide their team to success. Each #UP title is based on a series of learning “sprints” designed to allow the learner to develop a specific skill. A “sprint” is a one-hour digital learning module, dedicated to operational know-how, which is then applied to field activities.

Programme Objectives

  • Integrate the tools of coaches into your managerial practices that will bring you efficiency and agility
  • Broaden your relational register and support your collaborators in the development of their autonomy and potential
  • Respond to new or unforeseen situations and to approach them with the perspective of a manager coach
  • Become aware of your talents as a manager coach

Programme Outline

SPRINT 1 – Analyze and strengthen 4 key manager coach skills
  • Get a better understanding on:
  • Your assertiveness as a coach manager: how dare you say things to your team members?
  • Your ability to listen: to what extent do you listen before expressing yourself?
  • Your ability to manage your emotions
  • Your communication style and your ability to adapt it to your team members
    SPRINT 2 – Foster the development of your employees with GROW
    • The GROW method in 4 steps:
    • G for Goal: determine the objective. Question the employee to help them transform their problem into a SMART objective.
    • R for Reality: explore and understand the current situation.
    • O for Options: stimulate the creativity of your interlocutor to bring out the options by the person himself,
    • W like Will (will): evaluate the options, help establish the action plan, and take the first step realistically.

    Who should attend

    Managers or team leaders who are looking to develop their ability to coach, develop,and provide feedback to their direct reports and team members.

    Your Investment

    Stakeholders *

    • Normal Price: BND 1,400


    • Normal Price: BND 1,550

    * Stakeholders are participants from MOFE, BDCB and all domestic banks in Brunei Darussalam.

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