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Waqf and Waqf-based Financial Products

Programme Overview

This programme covers the evolution of Waqf and its potential to contribute to society within an effective legal and governance framework. The course covers the fundamental understanding of Waqf, its structure, administration, and challenges in application. The programme also presents unique and successful Waqf case studies with an opportunity to adopt aspects within the local environment. It is an essential course for those interested in understanding how Waqf can become more productive and beneficial, based on its intended goals.

Programme Objectives

  • Understanding the administration, governance, and management of Waqf;
  • Providing an overview of the Syariah aspects of the institution of Waqf;
  • Discussing the legal framework for the management, governance, and administration of Waqf structures and arrangements;
  • Assessing the emergence of various Waqf structures and models; and
  • Identifying the issues and prospects of Waqf

Who Should Attend

  • Participants from financial institutions considering including Waqf as part of their products and services.
  • Organizations managing or entrusted with Waqf.

Your Investment

Stakeholder*: BND $ 570.00
Non-Stakeholder: BND 690.00

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