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The minute-taker and writer needs to learn to listen carefully to discussions, extract relevant pointers and present information in a clear, concise and useful format. This is particularly challenging when a discussion is a heated and issues are highly contentious. He/She also holds the central position in enabling the clear and complete preparation and follow-up action of a meeting.


At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to :
• Listen objectively to discussions, Identify and highlight the main points of a meeting
• Focus on the line of discussion even when it becomes heated
• listen keenly to leverage on discussion, perspectives and decisions
• Channel the sensitivities and sensibilities of a meeting appropriately
• Format minutes for easy reading
• Make sense of tenses in minute writing
• Differentiate the structure and principles of a formal and informal meeting
• Fulfill the roles and responsibilities of a minute-taker
• Prepare a good agenda for a great meeting
• Grow confidence as a minute-writer


Overview of Experience
Annie is an adept international trainer, facilitator and coach who is versatile and engaging in developing management potential in the areas of leadership, communication, inter-personal, thinking, influencing and writing skills. The breadth of her global training experiences in a wide variety of business, industrial and government enterprises attest to her global agility. To Excellence! This is Annie’s vision for each one who learns with her.

Programme Expertise
Annie’s energetic style highlights practical learning. She encourages analysis, exploration and change through robust experiences in necessary skills. Participants’ take-away dynamic personal skills enhancement; optimistic mind-sets and stronger business acumen

Qualifications & Awards
– Annie holds an Honours Degree in English, American and Canadian Literature from the renowned McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
– She is a Brain Developmentalist with the Institutes for The Achievement of Human Potential (Philadelphia USA), esteemed in brain research and learning development.
– Annie also actively serves on the Board of Directors, managing Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School in Singapore.

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