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Financial Planning Practitioner’s Programme

Programme Overview

The Financial Planning Practitioners’ Programme (FPPP) was formulated specifically to address the licensing requirement for financial planners with the guidance and support of AMBD as well as TAP, to cover the minimum knowledge and skills expected of a competent financial planner. The workshop consists of two parts; theory and skills which will be followed by assessments to ensure the financial planners demonstrate the necessary knowledge and skills required to serve the public effectively.

AMBD has appointed CIBFM to be the official Licensing Programme for the purposes of the licensing requirements under the Securities Markets Order, 2013.

Programme Outline

  • Demonstrate profound knowledge and understanding of financial planning.
  • Various financial ratios used for Financial Planning.
  • Cash management and budgeting, time value of money, investment planning, risk management, insurance planning and estate planning.
  • Establish financial goals and provide solutions and
  • Module 1: Introduction to Financial Planning
  • Module 2: Financial Statement and Financial Ratio Analysis.
  • Module 3: Cash Management and Budgeting
  • Module 4: Time Value of Money
  • Module 5: Risk Management and Insurance Planning
  • Module 7: Investment Products and Investment Planning
  • Module 8: Unit Trust
  • Module 9: Estate Planning
  • Module 10: Code of Ethics and Regulatory Controls & Practices
  • Two (2) hours examination consisting 100 multiple choices questions.
  • The passing marks for the exam is 65%.
Skills Assessment & Knowledge Application
  • To assess readiness of candidate to conduct financial planning for clients.
  • There are (2) two parts of assessment: Solution Design and Skill Assessment


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The Qualifying Examination  for Insurance/ Takaful Agents is a Licensing Programme organised by CIBFM with the support and guidance of Autoriti Monetari Brunei   Darussalam (AMBD) and the Brunei Insurance and Takaful Association (BITA). The programme, formulated to raise the standards of insurance and takaful industry, is intended to instill public confidence in the capability and knowledge of the insurance and takaful agents in Negara Brunei Darussalam. Utilising speakers and experts from the country itself, the two-day intensive programme covers the theoretical study of insurance and takaful as well as the legal and regulatory requirements of Brunei Darussalam and ends with a two-hour examination.

Programme Overview

  • Introduction to Insurance
  • An Introduction to Takaful
  • Risk and Principles of Insurance
  • Characteristics of General Insurance Products
  • Classes of General Insurance Business and General Takaful Business Insurance Marketing and After-Sales services
  • Consumer Protection and Statutory Regulation
  • Law of Agency
  • The Insurance Contract
  • Insurance Documents
  • Practice of General Insurance Risk Assessment, Underwriting and Rating
  • Practice of General Insurance: Claim
  • Practice of General insurance: Policy Forms

Learning Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the nature of Insurance/ Takaful
  • Understand the importance of Insurance/ Takaful in the economy and the role of Insurance/ Takaful in assets

Who Should Attend

QEFITA is a compulsory entry requirement for all those who intend to be registered as Insurance/ Takaful agents with BITA and also for those who intend to pursue a career in the Insurance/ Takaful Industry

Why is QEFITA important?

  • Kick-start your career in General Insurance/Takaful.
  • Access key market information through a comprehensive programme tailored with industry experience and professional expertise.
  • Provides you a vast array of Insurance/Takaful materials and resources.
  • Continued Learning and professional growth in Insurance/Takaful industry should never stop.
  • Introduction to a structured and formal learning activity with practical case studies.
  • Connect with like-minded professionals committed to driving the Insurance/Takaful industry forwards.
  • Networking opportunity whether you’re a seasoned or aspiring Insurance/Takaful industry professional or just want to learn more about the industry.
  • Last but not least being certified implies that people who seek your advise can rely not only on the accuracy of the information you provide them, but also on your integrity in all your business dealings.

Programme Fees

For Theory & Exam:

  • Stakeholders: $230.00
  • Non-Stakeholders: $270.00

For Exam Only:

  • Stakeholder: $150.00
  • Non-Stakeholders: $150.00

* Stakeholders are participants from MOFE, AMBD and all domestic banks in Brunei Darussalam.


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