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BILIF Open Day 2024





Tuesday, 4 Rejab 1445H corresponding to 16 January 2024M

1-Brunei Institute of Leadership & Islamic Finance (BILIF) hosted the BILIF Open Day 2024 on Tuesday, 4 Rejab 1445H corresponding to 16 January 2024M at the ILIA Building, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD).

2-The event was attended by over 150 participants from various organisations in the public and private sectors, including Ministry of Religious Affairs, Brunei Darussalam Central Bank (BDCB), Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) and more.

3- BILIF Open Day 2024, carrying the theme “Navigating Tomorrow’s Success”, featured local and international experts, as well as industry practitioners who explored and discussed ideas on pivotal topics essential for achieving success which, amongst others, include personal development, leadership, and organisational culture.

4- The event commenced with opening remarks by Awang Haji Afero Eswandy bin Haji Mohamad, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, BILIF. In his remarks, he highlighted the importance of the BILIF Open Day 2024 to inspire and encourage participants to take a step forward towards achieving success in their professional journeys. He also extended a warm welcome to participants who are interested in obtaining insights into the programmes, events, and certifications offered by BILIF throughout the year 2024 during the event.

5- The event was followed by a keynote presentation entitled “From Vision to Victory: Charting Your Course to Success” by Dayang Hajah Sufinah binti Haji Sahat, Chief Executive Officer, BILIF. During her presentation, Hajah Sufinah emphasised that achieving success requires effort, time and dedication. She also stressed the importance of obtaining knowledge, adapting to change, and bravely embracing the opportunity to make and learn from mistakes as crucial elements to attain and sustain success.

6- The BILIF Open Day 2024 also featured an awarding ceremony for the Professional Diploma in Islamic Finance and Economics, whereby six participants were feted for the successful completion of the Leadership in Islamic Finance and Economics (LIFE) Common Core. LIFE Common Core programme has been accredited and benchmarked at Level 4 of the United Kingdom (UK) Regulated Qualification Framework by The London of Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF). Another signature programme that has been accredited and benchmarked at Level 7 is the Fiqh Mua’malat Practitioners Programme. This recognition underscores BILIF’s commitment to ensure that BILIF’s programmes are internationally recognised at high standards particularly in the field of Islamic finance.

7- The first segment of the event started with a plenary panel discussion on “Navigating Tomorrow’s Success” moderated by Dayang Ida Nazrena binti Haji Bujang, Acting Senior Manager, Learning & Development Department, BILIF. Panellists included Pengiran Aki Ismasufian bin Pengiran Haji Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) Brunei; Jacqueline Choy, Associate Facilitator, Workplace Asia and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Associate Trainer, SHRM, South East Asia; Yusry Yusoff, Chief Executive Officer, Islamic Banking & Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM); and Dr. Wendy Lee, Founder, Chapter One Asia.

8- BILIF also held several sharing sessions in the afternoon which include “Achieving High Performance Organisational Culture” by Tham Chien Ping, SHRM; “Dress to Impress: Nailing the First Impression” by Dr Wendy Lee, Chapter One Asia International; “Tools for Success: Building Confidence, Communication & Time Management” by Julius Hong Yan Cin, Dk Aniqah Syairah binti Pengiran Ruslan and Dk Ayumi Qistina binti Pg Mohd Yusof, BILIF; and “Emotional Intelligence for Leaders” by Chong Wan Ching, VIVA.

9- Additionally, the event included a career clinic facilitated by representatives from BILIF, SHRM and ICA, which offered guidance and useful information to help individuals develop the necessary skills and competencies required in their respective fields.

10- BILIF also hosted exhibitions by BDCB, BILIF as well as local and international strategic partners including Manpower Planning and Employment Council (MPEC), Lifelong Learning Centre (L3C), and SHRM. The exhibition showcased a diverse range of learning opportunities and valuable information, inviting guests and visitors to delve into avenues available for their personal and career development. BILIF also held their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative during the event by providing free exhibition booths for entrepreneurs registered under the Asnaf Zakat Empowerment Programme (PROPAZ), Muallafpreneurs Consortium, and BIBD Special Entrepreneurial Empowerment and Development Scheme (BIBD SEED).

11- BILIF, as the Centre of Excellence for the finance industry in Brunei Darussalam, continues to pursue its mission to shape future leaders, experts, and innovators particularly in the areas of Islamic finance and leadership through immersive programmes and world-class events. For more information on BILIF, please visit the BILIF website at bilif.com.bn or BILIF’s Instagram @BILIF.bn.

    Date: 4 Rejab 1445H/16 January 2024M



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