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This 1-day intermediate level will cover both fundamental ethical concepts and ethical issues of more strategic importance than those covered by the introductory programme. The case study scenarios selected will be a mixture of operational dilemmas and problems, and those dealing with contemporary issues of relevance to executive and managerial personnel.


  • Identify stakeholders and their claims, analyse how the claims conflict and examine the decision making process to address ethical dilemmas
  • Understand the underlying causes of the financial crisis, identify key lessons from the crisis and propose ways in which future risks can be addressed through effective corporate governance
  • Describe the influences that shape corporate culture and propose best practices for driving positive change across all management functions, while adopting consistently high moral standards
  • Understand how ethical stance and behavioural standards can be used as an effective tool in strategic positioning,and in pursuit of competitive advantage



Dr Paramsothy Vijayan is the Director of Graduate Training & FSTEP, and Senior Consultant at the Asian Banking School. Started his career working in one of the big 8 Chartered Accountants and Management Consultancy firms in the UK, he has over 20 years of banking experience in local and foreign banks up to a senior management level. Dr. Vijay is involved in the curriculum working committee for professional qualification programmes such as the Chartered Banker and Bank Risk Management. He is also a designated Chartered Banker trainer, using mind-mapping
techniques, case studies and problem-based learning.

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