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This workshop is designed for Business Managers and Entrepreneurs from diverse industries to get a firm grasp on the numbers side of their business. The primary goal is to help
them develop sound financial knowledge to read and understand financial reports; helping them lead their organization successfully in a highly competitive globalized
business arena.


• Understand Financial Concepts
• Identify the core Financial Statements
and their content
• Distinguish the difference between Profit
and Cash
• Prepare a Financial Plan for a Business
• Read and Interpret Financial Statements
to enhance organizational performance
• Understand the limitations of Financial



S. YOGA THEVAN is a Chartered Global Management Accountant and an associate of CIMA. He also obtained an MBA from the renowned Strathclyde University Graduate
School of Business, Europe’s largest Business School. Since 2004 he is a full-time Knowledge Facilitator. He is also a regular speaker for PSMB,MIA, SSM, SME Corp,MEF,
MIHRM and many corporations. Yoga is also a founding member of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers and was President in 2008. Between 2008 and
2018, Yoga has trained over 5000 Directors, Business Owners and Managers on Financial Skills in class sizes of 10-35 persons. In 2012 he was engaged by theMalaysian
Government to brief all heads of department and top ranking officers in various Ministries on the impact of
Accrual Accounting to the Government Accounts.

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