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Situational Leadership® II changes the game of leadership. By giving your managers some important skills—Goal Setting, Diagnosing, and Matching—SLII provides the critical foundation for them to become the kind of leaders people want to follow. Not only does SLII boost the effectiveness, impact, and dedication of your leaders, it teaches leaders to behave in alignment with their good intentions and in alignment with what their people need. SLII is a proven game changer in people’s leadership styles.

The SLII Experience™ uses game-changing techniques in its learning design that engage, evoke, and express those common challenges CIBFM’s leaders face in the workplace. The SLII Experience teaches your leaders new behaviors for addressing those challenges.


Increases the quality and quantity of conversations about performance and development, which leads to greater competence and commitment
Increases the flexibility and adaptability of managers, which is necessary in order to manage a diverse workforce and successfully manage change
Increases leaders’ comfort levels in using a variety of leadership styles to create a positive work environment and achieve desired results
Builds skill in goal setting, giving work direction, encouraging self-reliant problem solving, listening, observing and monitoring performance, and giving feedback
Improves leaders’ effectiveness in managing people so that they become more trusted, more credible, more helpful, and their direct reports become more productive


Best and Worst Leaders
7 Skills and Conversations of a Situational Leader
Resolving Disagreement about Development Level
The Intention and How of Each Leadership Style
The Development and Regressive Cycles
SLII Tools for Becoming a Situational Leader


Latest thought-leadership research, white papers—topics include The Leadership-Profit Chain; Employee Passion: The New Rules of Engagement and ROI
Access to free Webinars discussing relevant topics in leadership, teamwork, and change
Free client newsletter—Ignite!, which explores best practices in leadership development


Marvin Suwarso, a Consulting Associate for The Ken Blanchard Companies®, is passionate about helping business owners and executives of varying company sizes maximize their achievements and reach their potential. He creates a relaxed, interactive, hands-on learning experience and encourages participants to improve their leadership execution through their leader behaviors, mindset, and skills. Marvin is successful with all levels of management due to his experience in training, facilitating, and coaching people in various organizations, from start-ups to large multinational companies. His client list spans an array of industries, including education, financial services, energy, pharmaceuticals, media, agricultural, consumer goods, and retail sales. Marvin’s areas of expertise are leadership development and execution, sales management, organization behavior, and marketing. He has also conducted workshops and seminars on time management, finance, building a business, and marketing. Marvin brings a wealth of practical business experience to his training sessions. As a co-owner of Action Coach South Jakarta, he teaches clients how to link business strategy, team productivity, and leadership effectiveness in order to improve the overall success of their organizations. As a restaurant owner, he understands the challenges of small businesses; and as the owner of Sekolah Kembang, a private school in Indonesia, he knows how to motivate educators and students alike to improve their performance. Marvin has authored articles for the British Chamber of Commerce of Indonesia and the online WordPress Weblog. Marvin holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing from Purdue University and a master’s degree in business administration from Pennsylvania State University. Marvin’s native language is Indonesian, and he speaks English fluently. He enjoys playing and coaching soccer as well as traveling with his family in his spare time.

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