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Sukuk, the Islamic version of bonds, have already been termed by practitioners as “the financial product” for deeper and broader Islamic capital markets. After only a few years since the first global Sukuk deal was launched, the global market for Sukuk is already running into hundreds of billions of dollars. No one in the world of modern finance be it conventional or Islamic can afford to ignore this dramatically growing sector of the market and its increasingly diverse instruments and products.

This course aims at highlighting the salient features and challenges in structuring and issuing Sukuk. Not only Islamic financiers will benefit from this short and comprehensive workshop. Conventional financiers would also benefit extensively if they want to expand their client base to Islamic clients as well. This course has been exclusively designed to provide comprehensive and practical knowledge in structuring sukuk.


  • Acquire the knowledge of Shariah principles in Sukuk and securitization
  • Understand the framework and structure of Sukuk and securitization
  • Identify Sukuk products and instruments
  • Identify the criteria and principles in structuring Sukuk
  • Examine and update current issues in regulatory and legal aspects in Sukuk

Course Outline

  • Introduction – Concepts and Definition
  • Types of Sukuk Structures
  • The Islamic Law Framework for Sukuk
  • Structuring Islamic Debt-Based Sukuk – Murabahah, Istisna’ and Salam
  • Structuring Equity-Biased Sukuk : Sukuk Al Ijarah
  • Structuring Equity-Based Sukuk : Mudarabah and Musharakah Sukuk
  • Nature and Features of Mudarabah Sukuk and Musharakah Sukuk
  • Structuring Islamic Asset-Backed Securities


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