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Cyber Security Risk


In 2017, for the first time, cybercrime hit mainstream news in a significant way. The impact of WannaCry, to name one major attack, resulting in 20,000+ cancelled medical appointments and 600+ GP surgeries going back to pen and paper, brought home the critical need for sound cybersecurity risk management.

Developing an effective cybersecurity risk management revolves around understanding the overall environment, what steps are required, and most importantly, a clearly defined plan of action, both at a corporate and individual levels.

This masterclass is designed to provide an understanding of the nature and impact of cybersecurity risks, provide an overview of the regulatory environment and upcoming changes and identify the essential elements of a cybersecurity roadmap for an organizational unit. Additionally, the masterclass includes a number of scenarios and exercises where participants will work on developing elements of a cybersecurity strategy for their teams and perform practical exercises designed to make them better at identifying threats and managing them on an individual level.

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