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Driving Perfomance Through Feedback

Programme Overview

Withholding constructive feedback is like sending a person on a long and complicated hike without a compass. Feedback is a leadership tool and is one of the most vital stepping stones to a manager’s professional journey. Yet most managers are apprehensive in giving constructive feedback as it is deemed as “negative” and “painful” for both parties.

This is because most of our own experiences have been focused around “criticism” rather than portraying it as positive/reinforcing feedback which is really intended as a developmental tool.

When practised at the right time and effectively, it can help to avert and/or minimise creating a ‘blame culture’ which if not checked, can adversely impact the organisation’s business and targets. This programme is one out of five of the Toolkit for Young Leaders Series. The series is a set of workshops curated to develop the necessary skills to become a more effective leader, while also helping your team to grow.


Face-to-face training.

This workshop will be conducted in a practical and participative way. Learning strategies include small group discussions and skills practice sessions.

Who is this Programme for?

The programme is designed for leaders that are looking to have their subordinates experience increased motivation, appreciated and place them in the right track, which will lead to:

  • Higher performance;
  • Improved relationships;
  • Continuous learning and personal growth; and
  • Increased confidence.

Programme Objectives

  • Describe the Leadership Guiding Principles and how they support the communication process;
  • Understand what is constructive and positive feedback and its’ importance at the workplace;
  • Apply the feedback framework effectively to achieve the desired outcomes;
  • Identify the right opportunities to use this leadership tool to enhance productivity levels; and
  • Improve relationships both at work and in social settings.

    Programme Outline

    Module 1: What is Feedback
    Module 2: Using a Leadership Guiding Principle Framework
    Module 3: Self-Awareness
    Module 4: The 6-Step Feedback Model
    Module 5: Key Success Factors

    Programme Delivery

    Date Time
    24 October 2023

    8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

    1:30 PM – 5:00 PM

    Your Investment

    Package Stakeholder Non Stakeholder
    Normal Fee $ 500.00 (SBS 20%) $ 700.00
    Group Fee (For Every 2 Pax) $700.00 $980.00


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