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Effective Communication at Workplace


Effective Communication is very important in today`s complex and competitive world. It is an art of getting message across successfully. Whatever it`s a face-to-face conversation, or non-verbal and body language, there is a meaningful message which will establish a connection, leaving a powerful impression/ some people communicate very well. Is it something about their voice, smile, physical presence, the way they listen or the confidence they display? Or is it a combination of all these and more?. This workshop aims to give them a better understanding of the objectives of effective communication and exposures on the guidance and techniques which they can use to positively manage communication barriers and improve their communication styles.

Programme Objective

  • To enhance communication skills through clear sharing of information
  • Be diplomatic crafting response to all stakeholders]boost confidence in communicating effectively
  • Be equipped with tools and techniques

Programme Outline

  • Ice-Breaker: Getting To Know You
  • What’s Involved in the Communicating Process
  • Benefits Of Good Communication
  • The Technology
  • The Communication Pie
  • Communication Barriers
  • The Tools
  • Speak!
  • Act!
  • Application & Role Play
  • Check My Listening Skill Review
  • Reflection & The Target Action Planning !

Experts’ Profile

Mr S K Ng has been active in Singapore Police Force and Civil Defence Force for 20 years. Thereafter, he was head-hunted to join the private sector, evolving a no less challenging career in Singapore, China and ASEAN.

SK has dwelt with a good number of crises as a leading civil servant in Singapore Police as well as the Civil Defence Force.

He has also been a Government Spokesperson for more than a decade before leaving the public sector – and repeating his forte and roles in the private sector in the capacity of a leading Principal Consultant and Trainer, Chairman of Advisory Committee, Project Director and Lead Advisor, in Singapore, ASEAN countries and China. He has been assigned – on 12       occasions in 2015—2016 alone — by the Ministry of Foreign

Affairs to ASEAN Countries to train their senior public servants on Leadership and Communication, Crisis Management, Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Management. Each   Workshop lasted 4 to 5 Days in each country. He has further designed, trained and counselled on Crisis Management and Crisis

Management for years, for clients such as the entire Group of Carrefour in China, and

various ferries groups in, say, China, Malaysia, and the Philippines in the capacity of Director Disaster Recovery of the famed American Management Association, responsible for scores of leaders and frontline supervisors’ training in crisis management-cum-disaster recovery.

Over the years, SK has been conducting Communication-related 2-Day Workshop benefiting organizations such as the PSA, NUHS, and Accenture.

He has further trained Ministerial leaders in Brunei – MINDEF and MOE – on Crisis Management strategies and plans for their directors, deputy directors, heads of departments

and returned scholars.

SK has been consulted by a multitude of corporations on crisis management strategies and the effectiveness of their implementation. An example is China’s Bei Che Group (Northern Communication/Transportation Group, a national conglomerate akin to SMRT in Singapore, with many times more of magnitude of business and influence).


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