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The course combines interpretation of key market pricing and risk data with the implementation of effective investment strategies to maximise risk adjusted returns over the long term.The primary aims are to enable participants to understand how to create an effective portfolio management strategy as well as to manage the day to day risk exposures and to maximise return and gain an in-depth understanding of best practice fixed income and currency portfolio management techniques, and how they can be used to deliver sustainable returns and to manage risk. Particular emphasis is placed on the dynamics and inter-relationships within global bond and currency markets and how these affect the optimal construction of portfolios, particularly where constraints exist in terms of return targets and mandate restrictions. It also covers derivatives and structured bond products and their role in contemporary bond portfolio management, thereby enabling participants to determine their suitability to achieve required returns, generate sustainable cash flows and manage risk.



  • Understand how macroeconomic events impact the global bond and currency markets
  • Implement effective investment strategies and select the most suitable management style to meet fund objectives
  • Understand and interpret key data relating to bond markets, including hands-on exercises in using key bond pricing and risk metrics
  • Understand the key factors driving FX rate movements
  • Better understand credit analysis techniques and relative pricing metrics
  • Use structured bond products to achieve required risk and return outcomes

Plus: Enhance your practical skills with computer based simulations and workshop case studies on bond pricing, optimal portfolio construction and risk analysis.


Goliath Lau has over 13 years of trading experience in the financial derivatives industry. His expertise is in interest rate and currency derivatives. Sitting through the 1997 Asian financial
crisis and the 2007 global financial crisis, he has first person experience both as a trader and a structurer. During his career, he has plenty of experience in educating clients and internal
sales persons in Asia, conveying product and trade ideas in exotic products. Goliath joined the training industry in 2009. Since then he has designed and delivered a wide range of financial markets and risk management training courses. His clients include personnel from investment banks, corporates, financial
institutions, investment funds and financial market regulators.


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