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The term “excellence” refers to a drive from “inside”.  The English dictionary describes it as the state of possessing good qualities in an eminent degree.  At workplace, “excellence” is always associated to a person’s achievement with reference to his or her job.

Being excellent and competent as an employee, no matter at what level, is significantly important for bosses, as they strongly emphasize on performance excellence, personal competency, responsibility and effectiveness.  Effective self-management and working productively, either independently or as a team is critical to both the employee’s professional success and the boss/bosses, which eventually will lead to the success of the entire organization.

The “Mindset Coaching: Personal Excellence” is customized to expose participants with the necessary knowledge and skills required for success at workplace.

Excellence is not about being a perfectionist.  Throughout the course, the the facilitator will not work on the “what”, but will emphasize more on the “how”, because individuals are unique in their own way.  Participants will explore how they can contribute to their organization through effective work management skills, aligned with their organization’s corporate culture and values.  We will also show them how to motivate themselves through self-motivation techniques, the right work attitude and move to a paradigm shift as well as how to communicate in positive image, and thus be a contributing team member in their organizations.

Success of a company is measured not by the success of the founder but the legacy they leave for the following generations of employees. Getting the sucession right is the key issue of organisation both new and established.


  • Recognized how employees are important assets in the organization;
  • Apply the personal effectiveness tips and techniques to improve their performance level;
  • Recognized techniques on how to be self-motivated, stay positive and raise level of self-confidence;
  • Communicate positively with boss/bosses, customers and business contacts for better results;
  • Manage time effectively through proper goal setting and planning;
  • Develop better way of thinking;
  • Maintain focus in pressure situations.
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