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Powering Team Performance™

Programme Overview

In the Powering Team Performance™ programme, participants will learn how leaders create teams, diagnose gaps in performance and fill said gaps.

Participants will also explore The Seven CORNERSTONES of Teamwork™, a unique and powerful tool that will propel their teams toward high-performance teamwork.

Throughout the programme, participants will learn how to design and diagnose teams ensuring that they have set a common goal, clearly define team roles, effectively utilised resources, established strong communication, encourage enthusiastic effort, and suppress harmful ego.

Programme Objectives

  • Understand the principles and factors that make up a world-class team;
  • Design effective teams by identifying the key behaviours and outcomes for success;
  • Diagnose and course correct to ensure a team’s on-going success;
  • Facilitate successful team communication and interaction;
  • Apply the principles that create a world-class team in different situations;
  • Establish a common language for designing and diagnosing team effectiveness; and
  • Understand an individual’s impact on team goals and results

Programme Outline

ROLE OF THE LEADER A context setting discussion on the behaviours that define a world-class team and the
leader’s critical role in harnessing this level of teamwork to deliver the plan as expected.
EXPERIENCE – KING KAHUFU™ Participants become members of a board of experts assembled to assess a newly
discovered pyramid and propose a plan of action for opportunities that have emerged as a result of the discovery. The goal of the experience is to accomplish a personal objective as well as the team’s collective objective via the virtual learning platform.
THE SEVEN CORNERSTONES OF TEAMWORK™ : INTRODUCTION Explore the Seven CORNERSTONES of Teamwork™, the key principles that define and drive the behaviors of a world-class team
THE SEVEN CORNERSTONES OF TEAMWORK™ : APPLICATION Participants try their hand at applying the CORNERSTONES as both a team design and diagnostic tool against brief scenarios.
Relate the theory of how a high performing team to a specific work situation to demonstrate how improved team performance is intricately linked to increased productivity and biz success.
THE SEVEN CORNERSTONES OF TEAMWORK™ : APPLICATION Identify opportunities for personal and business-relevant application of the day’s
learning and plan accordingly.

Who should attend

  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Middle Management positions
  • Senior Management position

Your Investment

Stakeholder *

  • Early Bird Price (Deadline 1 Feb 2021): BND 1,350
  • Normal Price: BND 1,500 (SBS: 15%)


  • Early Bird Price (Deadline 1 Feb 2021): BND 1,550
  • Normal Price: BND 1,750

* Stakeholders are participants from MOFE, AMBD and all domestic banks in Brunei Darussalam.

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