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BILIF-SHRM HR Leaders’ Executive Programme

Programme Overview

In the ever-evolving landscape of human resources, the significance of staying on top of current trends cannot be overstated.

This programme is a comprehensive exploration of pivotal themes shaping the HR landscape today. Dive deep into the dynamics of organisational culture—a linchpin for effective leadership, fostering not only engagement but also a competitive edge in talent acquisition and retention. Navigate the ever-changing landscape with insights into ambidextrous organisations, providing a compass for balancing stability and innovation in an era defined by constant change.

Beyond theoretical discussions, the programme offers tangible strategies for motivating the millennial workforce and cultivating workforce agility. Industrial visits provide a firsthand understanding of competency frameworks, contributing to the professionalisation of HR practitioners.

This programme represents a strategic investment in your leadership capacity amid the dynamic challenges of the modern era. We invite you to immerse yourselves, connect with peers, and gain insights that will not only enhance your professional acumen but will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of HRs within your organisations

Programme Objectives

  • Develop leadership skills for HRs.
  • Gain insights into the latest research in organisation culture.
  • Develop a comprehensive road map to develop a people strategy.
  • Explore current and future business trends that inform future talent focused strategies.
  • Use an organisational framework by the Society of HR Management (SHRM) to shape your people strategy.

Programme Date

22 – 25 October 2024

Programme Highlight

  • CHRO Roundtable Forum
  • How to Reward and Motivate the Millennial Workforce
  • Ambidextrous Organisation and Agile Workforc
  • Visit IHRP
  • Future Workforce Architecture – Leading a Future-Focused People Strategy

Who Should Attend

  • HR Professionals
  • HR Directors
  • Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO)
  • Business Executives involved in organisation growth and workforce transformation

Programme Fee

Package Stakeholder Non Stakeholder
Normal Price $ 5,500 $ 6,500


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