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Mindfulness & Resiliency

Programme Overview

Experts from all walks of life readily agree on one fact: The coming decade promises continued change, constant challenge, and cumulative chaos, also dubbed the VUCA environment. Especially with stress levels on the rise, it inevitably leads to loss of control of emotions, thus leading to bouts of anger, helplessness culminating in a feeling of loss. While it is human to experience all range of emotions, the persistent expression or suppression of emotions at the work place has long-term impact on personal and organisational health and effectiveness.

Our two-day workshop is designed to provide professionals with essential tools to effectively navigate their emotions and manage stress in a manner that minimizes its impact on other aspects of their lives.


  • Increase employee empowerment as they develop strategies to resolve workplace challenges;
  • Develop strategies to create a culture of mindfulness at all levels in the organisation;
  • Increase productivity as levels of motivation and positivity increases; and
  • Increase engagement as employees participate in problem-sharing and problem-solving as a team

  • Apply various psychological theories/concepts to personal and workplace scenarios;
  • Identify the symptoms of stress and emotional fluctuations;
  • Develop strategies to cope with adversities; and
  • Increase self-awareness so individuals learn to manage stressful situations with minimum intervention from third parties.

Who Should Attend

  • All levels of staff from all department across industries.

Programme Date

Date Time
22 – 23 May 2024   8:30 am – 12:00 pm
1:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Programme Fee

Package Stakeholders Non-Stakeholders
Normal Price $1,650.00 $1,790.00


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