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Twin Cities Executive Leadership (TCEL) Programme

Programme Overview

The Twin Cities Executive Leadership (TCEL) Programme is designed to provide senior managers and executives with a unique opportunity to gain fresh perspectives and enhance leadership skills in a dynamic and diverse environment. Over the course of two immersive weeks, the programme is structured to offer a combination of local and overseas components, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

The programme encompasses a range of key sessions and topics to enrich your leadership toolkit. Dive into the concept of Transformational Leadership, exploring strategies to inspire and motivate teams towards achieving organisational goals. Discover the significance of the national philosophy, gaining insights into the cultural values and customs that shape business practices. Engage in stimulating discussions, collaborate with fellow participants, and connect with industry experts and thought leaders.

Programme Objectives

  • Assume the adaptable mindset of transformational leaders, embracing change in order to succeed in dynamic environments.
  • Understand that leadership is influence, how the 5 levels of leadership works, and their level.
  • Assess the level of connection they have with their subordinates and apply the principles for building trust with them.
  • Apply the principles of managing performance for results, and keeping the team motivated in challenging times.
  • Gain commitment through their application of coaching and developing their subordinates.
  • Trigger leadership attributes through interaction with horses. Gain exposure to diverse perspective on Fintech.

Programme Outline

DATE Venue
9 – 12 July 2024 Brunei
22 – 25 July 2024 Malaysia
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Who Should Attend

  • Executive Directors
  • Senior Executives
  • Senior Managers
  • Managers with more than 5 years experience
  • Heads of Departments
  • Heads of Units

Programme Fee

Package Stakeholder Non Stakeholder
Normal Price $ 6,900 $ 7,400


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